Is The Tiki Hut Umbrella The Right Choice For You?

Are you looking to transform your outdoor area into a tropical paradise?

Tiki Hut UmbrellaNo matter your budget, a Tiki Hut Umbrella also known as the umbrella style tiki hut is very common here in Florida. The umbrella style tiki hut has become very popular and may be the best choice if you are looking to provide an area of shade that doesn’t take up too much space. The umbrella style tiki hut is perfect for both commercial and residential use. Very often you will find these umbrella style tiki huts lined along Florida beaches at many popular hotels and beach resorts. Many of these hotels and resorts will use the umbrella tiki hut by the pool or other outdoor recreation areas. Tiki Hut Umbrellas have a unique size that allows them to be put nearly anywhere. With an umbrella tiki hut residential home owners can enjoy the serenity and luxury of a beach resort in the comfort of their very own backyard pool or patio area.

The tiki hut umbrella is a perfect choice for anyone who is looking to have a place to cool down and relax. The benefits of the tiki hut umbrella far surpass the benefits of your ordinary store bought patio umbrella. The average Florida homeowner will replace an ordinary store bought patio umbrella at least once every 2-3 years. Although factory umbrellas are made to be outside, they don’t respond very well to the harsh weather conditions here in Florida. Over time the warm wet climate starts to break down the woven fibers, after this happens it is only a matter of time before the umbrellas roof begins to rip or tear. The uniqueness of the roof of the tiki hut umbrella is in the material it is made of.  The roof of the tiki hut umbrella is composed of palm thatch. Palm hatch is a natural material that is dried and made into a high quality roofing material. Palm thatched roofs have been used for centuries, and their is good reason. Thatched roofs are extremely durable and weather tolerant. Since palm trees are native to Florida they are one of the only trees that is proven to withstand very heavy rain and hurricane force winds. This type of natural durability will definitely add many years of life to your new umbrella style tiki hut.

Never Have Your Umbrella Fly Away Again!

Have you ever experienced an umbrella that flew away? It is very common for many store bought patio umbrellas to have a tendency to catch a gust of wind and become airborne. A custom built tiki hut umbrella is a much better alternative to that of an ordinary store bought patio umbrella, the tiki hut umbrella is built with a palm thatched roof. The palm thatched roof of the tiki umbrella creates the perfect amount of air flow that helps prevent the build up of trapped air allowing it to escape through the tiki huts palms, thus eliminating the risk of it flying away. Another benefit to having air flow through the palms of the umbrella roof is it allows hot air to escape keeping it a little cooler under the umbrella. Another great feature of the umbrella style tiki hut is that it requires little to no maintenance and the palms can easily be replaced.

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