Cost to build a Tiki Hut or Tiki Bar in Florida

Would you like to know what it will Cost to build a Tiki Hut or Tiki Bar? Learn to make a budget so your new tiki hut or tiki bar won’t be a wallet buster.

Cost to build a Tiki Hut or Tiki BarYou can spend just about anything on building a tiki hut or tiki bar from a few hundred dollars on a do-it-yourself project to thousands of dollars with a professional tiki hut builder or tiki bar contractor. Before you schedule a free consultation with a tiki hut contractor, you should have your budget in place knowing the maximum amount you are looking to spend to have your new tiki hut built. The first step to a smart budget is to decide how much you have to spend. Evaluate the resources you have and how much you can and should spend.

Once you have your budget in place it is best to call a professional contractor who specializes in building custom tiki huts here in Florida. The cost to build a tiki hut or tiki bar depends on a variety of different factors. In this article we will try and cover some of the factors that may impact the cost to build your new tiki hut. Similar to other home improvement products and services, the saying is “you get what you pay for”. If your focus is more on saving money, then you could be hiring a contractor that is not properly licensed and insured and probably has little to no experience building tiki bars and tiki huts. It is very important that you hire a contractor that is licensed, insured, and can provide an extensive portfolio of completed projects. Even if it cost you a little more to hire a reputable contractor with experience, it may end up saving you a lot of money in repairs and maintenance over time.

Another determining factor in deciding the cost to build a custom tiki hut or tiki bar is the size of the tiki hut. The bigger the tiki hut the more time it will take to build therefore making it cost more. Since there are only a handful of reputable companies here in Florida that specialize in building high quality custom tiki huts, it may cost you a little more depending on the location and the distance the company will have to travel, and the number of nights they will need hotel accommodations. The size of the tiki hut or tiki bar also determines the amount of materials needed to complete the project. Tiki huts and tiki bars built for commercial businesses like hotels, resorts, restaurants, and beach and pool recreation areas typically cost more because they are much larger in size and require more materials and more workers to complete the project. On the other hand Tiki huts and tiki bars built for residential homes and personal “backyard use” typically cost less because they are much smaller in size and don’t require as much material and workers.

Other factors that determine the cost to build your new tiki hut or tiki bar usually depends on how many different optional features and upgrades you will want included. Most tiki huts and tiki bars start off with a base price or cost to build just the tiki hut or tiki bar, any additional options and upgraded features will increase the overall cost to build your new tiki paradise. A good contractor will discuss all of the various options and upgrades available to you. Having a sense of knowing what you want included with your new tiki hut will help a contractor give you the most accurate price quote that will include a prices breakdown of each additional option, this will help you in trying to stay within your budget.

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