Their are a few reasons that your tiki hut may become damaged and is in need of repair.  In this article we will discuss the most common causes of holes in your tiki hut and what you can do to prevent damage to your tiki hut.

One of the most common reasons for damages seen in Tiki’s are from the weather. Florida’s humid climate and hurricanes increases the chance of damage to your tiki hut. This is something that we cannot avoid but some measures can be taken when a storm is approaching. Removing any nearby furniture or other objects that may get blown into your tiki hut will reduce the risk of damage. Also removing anything you may have inside your tiki hut such as décor or glassware can also decrease damages during a storm or strong winds. Most of the damages that are seen from weather are typically in the verges and the ridges. Maintaining your tiki hut and keeping up with routine maintenance will lessen the chances of major damage from occurring. A roof that has seen algae growth or has been affected by rodents is much more likely to become damaged during a storm. Routine Maintenance is key when safeguarding your tiki hut from weather damage.

How to Prevent Damage to your Tiki Hut

Birds and rodents can sometimes be the cause of a hole in your tiki huts roof. Birds sometimes will try to nest or roost on the ridges of a tiki hut. In previous years birds used to be a big nuisance to tiki hut owners. Fortunately now their are meshed nettings that can be installed in the top of the tiki. This net prevents birds from nesting and making your tiki hut their new home. Other things that can be done are as simple as attaching a fishing line or small wire across the top of the tiki to prevent birds from landing. Rodents are far less common of a cause in tiki hut damage. If their is rodent damage in a tiki hut it is likely that the area is prevalent in them. The tiki hut or tiki bar itself doesn’t attract rodents. Making sure the area around your tiki hut is well maintained and well kept is the main prevention against any rodent activity.

One of the most important things to increase the lifespan of your tiki hut is choosing the right company to build it and re-thatch it. A qualified thatching expert will without a doubt increase the lifespan of your tiki hut. Tiki hut roofs don’t last forever and will always need to be properly maintained but by choosing Florida Tiki Huts we will make sure that you get the very most life out of your tiki roof. In order to insure a maximum lifespan of the roof  the palm fronds must be precisely placed and thatched properly to each other. It’s important that the palm fronds are placed precisely and are thatched properly insuring that their is no gaps. Proper installation and workmanship is key when installing or repairing any tiki roof.

If you recently had a tiki hut built or are interested in doing so we hope these facts have helped you. If you have further questions or would like to get in touch with us please feel free to give us a call at (352) 584-4387 or contact us online.